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We can customized picks. Thicknesses options: -1.5mm -1mm Different colors are available : -Black -White -Orange -Yelhow -Light Pink Minimum quantity 100x Send us your…

Kit de Parabéns

Kit parabéns! Este Kit contém todos os nossos modelos de palhetas mais a palheta que diz Parabéns. No total o teu guitarrista preferido vai receber…

Kit Happy Birthday

Kit Happy Birthday! In this kit you will have all our models of picks including the pick that says Happy birthday ! In total you…

Pick 0,9mm

With this pick you can find one amazing control. Your fingers will have a thickness around 1.8mm and the point of the pick have aprox.…

Pick 1.0mm

This is our standard 1mm pick thickness. It have a nice texture for you feel comfort and security in your fingers. We can customize this…

Pick 1.44mm

This is our 1.44mm pick thickness. It have one of the best grip that you can find, you feel comfort and security in your fingers.…

Pick mini 1.38mm

This is our mini pick with thickness of 1.38mm. They have 23x28mm size. For more images check our instagram @tonepick  …

Pick Mix Package

Pick Mix package With this kit you will test all our picks in a mix color: Thickness 0,8mm Thickness 0,9mm Thickness 1mm Thickness 1,38mm Thickness…